Your phone is about to replace your keys

Smartphone app set to access, operate cars

The time has finally come for all of us to forget about losing our keys or carrying them around, because your phone is about to fix it all.

Some new car models recently stood out at a New York auto show for releasing the first production cars owners can completely access and operate using their smartphones.

Oh, how we have waited! Here's the skinny on how they will work.

In the case of the Lincoln Aviator, owners can unlock and lock doors, open the lift gate, start the car and drive all with the smartphone app known as “Phone as a Key.” The technology links to a personal driver profile so that the user can authenticate themselves to the car, with things like customizing seat, mirror and pedal positioning, among dozens of other things -- and all without a key fob.

Some other exciting features the app offers include:

  • Creating a limited-time code so that others can access the car if they need to.
  • Finding the car in a crowded parking lot by activating a locator chirp.
  • Pairing up to four devices per car via Bluetooth at the same time, according to Auto Verdict.

Are you already thinking about all the ways this could go awry? The company claims it has thought of everything.

What if your phone battery dies? A keypad can be used to enter a backup code to gain access.

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