Pranksters smear Ore. cars with doughnuts

(Monika Leon/SXC)

Police in Oregon are on the hunt for vandals who are smearing cars in one neighborhood with doughnuts and other baked goods.

One woman told police in suburban Portland she's witnessed more than a dozen incidents.

And it's not just pastries.

Another woman's vehicle was hit six times -- twice with a maple bar, once with a cinnamon doughnut, once with pink yogurt, once with slimy bread and another time with red potato salad, The Oregonian reported.

The vandalism has been going on for about six weeks. Police believe kids are likely involved.

"In my 25 years in police services, I have never investigated or seen a criminal mischief involving pastries," Hillsboro police Lt. Mike Rouches  told The Oregonian.