Work or live on federal property? Duval County schools need your help

Survey being sent home with public school students will help district apply for grant money

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Calling all civilian and military contractors who live or work on federal property and have school aged children: The Duval County school district is asking you to pay close attention to a survey being sent home with your kids this week.

It's called the Duval County Public Schools Federal Impact Aid Survey.  The two-page form asks for your student's name and address along with the school he/she attends and their grade level.  Filling out the form and returning it to your child's school will allow the school district to collect federal money as reimbursement for students who have a parent/guardian who is either in the military or works on federal property.

Families who live on federal property, like a military base, do not pay property taxes.  A portion of your property taxes is used to fund public schools.

"Property tax or milage rates is where a lot of money is generated back to the school system.  So this is how the federal government reimburses us for that lost revenue," explained David Pinter, director of choice recruitment with Duval County schools.  

Most military servicemen and women know the importance of filling out the form, but many civilians or contractors who live  or even work on government property are not aware they should also submit the form to their child's school.

DOCUMENT: Duval County schools federal impact aid survey

"In addition to the federal government reimbursing the school system for these students, it also allows the district to apply for millions of dollars in federal grant money," added Pinter.

There are 15 local housing communities considered federal property.  Many of the people who live there, likely have no idea they should be submitting the form.  Many of these housing communities are not near our local bases.  Click here to see a full list.  

The list also includes the federal properties in Jacksonville.  Any civilian or contract  worker who is employed at one of these properties should also submit the form.

Pinter says the money from the reimbursement and grants generated by the submission of the survey is used to hire personnel, for training, to buy materials for students and in some cases to make capital improvements.

These surveys are the district's way of getting more funding to educate local students.  Elementary, middle and high school students will be receiving the survey this week. 


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