Bees hold customers captive in Kentucky store

Millions of honeybees had swarmed building in downtown Danville


Customers trying to leave a store in a Kentucky town found themselves held hostage by more than a million honeybees.

The bees swarmed around the building in downtown Danville on Monday.

Fire crews quickly realized they would need expert help, calling in a nearby couple experienced in bee removal.

"We didn't want to just hose the bees off the side of the building because they are so vital to our world's ecosystem," Danville Fire Chief Woody Ball told The Advocate-Messenger. "They aren't hurting anybody, and we're willing to stay here with it and let them collect the bees."

Amazingly, no one -- bees or people -- were injured in the incident.

"A queen bee died, and these bees followed another queen bee that took her place, and she's looking for a place to start a colony," Ball said. "This is where she landed and it looked like a good spot, so that's where the rest of the bees landed."