Declutter your life


The average American spends one year of his or her life looking for lost or misplaced items. UCLA researchers found the more stuff you have, the more stressed you'll be.

Help yourself and others by donating old suits. At dressforsuccess.org, low-income women can receive your interview and career-worthy outfits.

Get paid for your old electronics. Americans toss 2 million tons of E-gear annually. Instead of filling up landfills, recycle! Costco members can recycle anything from computers to PDAs for a Costco cash card. Some phone companies will give you cash or merchandise for old cellphones.

Hate packing? Let some charities do it for you. At throwplace.com, you list a good you wish to give away, and charities and businesses will come to you.

It's not just your home. The average worker spends 30 minutes per day and 150 hours per year just looking for items such as documents and tools. If your desk, work area, or personal space is cluttered with boxes, files, food, extra shoes, sweaters and other items, your supervisor might assume that you can't handle the responsibilities of your present job or additional work.