Things you shouldn't pay for, should get for free

Dealnews suggests ways to get stuff for nothing


Few things are more thrilling for a deal shopper than getting something for next to nothing. Dealnews.com has several things you're paying for that you should be getting for free.

The first, meals for the kids. Lot's of restaurants do this but to know exactly where to go check MyKidsEatFree.com. By the way, this site also comes in handy if you want to know where not to eat when you want to avoid a lot of kids.

Next, you can score big time on your birthday. Go to BirthdayFreebies.com or just search "birthday freebies" to find what's free near you. You should at least be able to find a few free meals and a piece of cake or ice cream.

Something else consumer experts say you shouldn't pay for, phone calls. Skype and Google Voice let you make calls for free over the Internet. You can drop your landline and cellphone to see if the Web services meet your calling needs. But, be careful if they try to get you to upgrade to a paid plan, though.

Want a slew of travel size samples? You can get them as long as you offer up some personal info like address, email, age and salary. Check out websites like savings.com, thatfreebiesite.com, and magicfreebies.org.

Finally, you can get free ebooks, too.  Dealnews says try Project Gutenberg at Gutenberg.org. The website has more than 30,000 free ebooks you can download.