Best and worst things to buy in July

Plus, the best and worst deals for Amazon Prime Day

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – There are tons of sales happening in the month of July that let shoppers save money.

Amazon Prime Day, Fourth of July sales and something called the Steam Summer Sale are all happening this month.

But shoppers should be selection about what they buy during these sales, and just revealed what you should and shouldn't buy in July.

Amazon Prime Day 

Let's start with Amazon Prime Day deals. The online retail giant announced Tuesday that the official Prime Day 2018 in the U.S. is July 16 and 17. 

Whether you're looking for a new Kindle or a new Fire TV Cube, Amazon devices could be some of the best deals of the sale.

During last year's Prime Day, reports, there were 50 deals on Amazon-brand devices. 

Summer clothes

As for what you should be buying in July, no matter where you shop, summer clothes top the list.

Retailers are already making room for the fall back-to-school sales, in addition to offering Fourth of July holiday deals. 

Ralph Lauren, Cole Haan and L.L. Bean have clearance clothes at extra 30 percent to 40 percent off. Outlet stores, such as J. Crew Factory and Gap Factor, should knock as much as 50 percent off in the coming days, according to

Outdoor gear

This year's Fourth of July sales offer plenty of deals for campers, hikers and anglers.

According to, stores, such as Backcountry and REI, will knock down prices as much as 50 percent on all things outdoors. also says shoppers can also expect to score low prices at Walmart, as fishing kits typically get discounted to about $10 and two-person tents start at just $26.

Newest iPad

Apple's latest iPad is also a good buy in July. reports the recently upgraded 9.7-inch iPad is likely to see discounts around Prime Day.

House Paint

As hot temperatures during the summer months aren't always favorable for outdoor house painting, reports that consumers will often see house paint on sale in July. 

Things not to buy in July

But there are several items that shoppers should avoid buying in July, according to

As far as Amazon Prime Day, warns online shoppers to watch out for filler deals. Avoid the temptation to impulsively add those makeup brushes and oil supplements to your cart just because they're on sale.

Laptops are another thing to wait to buy. If you can hold out until August, reports, you'll see better quality deals as stores drop prices for the back-to-school season.

Additionally, don't buy a grill in July unless you have to. According to, most grills don't fall in price until around September. If you really need a new grill for your Fourth of July cookout, Home Depot, Lowe's or Walmart are the good places to shop for one.

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