Jeep tops list of brands with most American pride

Independence Day's Money Matters report with Jane King

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Independence Day is the most patriotic national holiday in the United States and Jeep has been deemed the brand with the most American pride -- but Americans' view of patriotism is changing. 

Brand consultant Brand Keys recently released its 16th annual list of the 50 Most Patriotic Brands in America. It is based on a survey of more than 5,000 consumers. 

Jeep, Disney and Coca-Cola made the top three. 

Some of the brands topping the list are products closely associated with America's image: cars, fast-food restaurants and beer. 

Ford, American Express, Hershey's, Twitter, Jack Daniels, AT&T and Walmart rounded out the top 10 most patriotic brands. 

Both Facebook and the NFL were knocked out of the top 50.

Another American brand that saw steep declines, Harley Davidson, dropped 16 points. The company faced criticism by President Trump for moving manufacturing overseas. 

Several brands have modernized their messages of patriotism to embrace diversity. Pabst Blue Ribbon recently unveiled a campaign exploring what the American dream means to millennials, the country's most diverse generation in history. 

The Brand Keys survey found that consumers' self-perceptions of patriotism and its overall ideology have continued to shift and increase with age. 

Respondents who said they were "extremely" or "very" patriotic, 85% were baby boomers, 68% were a part of Generation X, 53% were millenials and only 42% were Gen Z.