VERIFY: Email following the Equifax data breach is not a scam, is important

Did you receive this email?


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Equifax is making it harder for the millions of people to claim the $125 payout.

Equifax (EFX) on Sunday sent emails to people who had filed requests for cash settlements informing them of a required step in order to receive the money.

People are now required to "verify" their claims by providing the name of the credit monitoring service they used when filing and that service had to remain in use for six months after filing. 

The new step has to be completed by October 15th, or the claim will be denied. Instead, Equifax is offering a free credit monitoring service to 'amend' claims without cash compensation. 


Here is the official email one would have received: 

Your Claim Number: **************
According to our records, you filed a claim for alternative compensation of up to $125 in connection with the Equifax data breach settlement and certified on the claim form that you had some form of credit monitoring or protection in place and will continue to have the credit monitoring in place for a minimum of six months from the date of your claim filing.

You must either verify or amend your claim by October 15, 2019.

If you do not, your claim for alternative compensation will be denied.
•    To verify your claim for alternative compensation, you must provide the name of your credit monitoring service that you had in place when you filed your claim.
- OR -
•    You can amend your claim to request free credit monitoring instead of alternative compensation.

The easiest way to verify or amend your claim is by visiting the official Settlement Website here.

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