This Primo Pantry Food Essentials Bundle takes pasta night to the next level

Limone Market brings premium pantry staples straight to your home.
Limone Market brings premium pantry staples straight to your home. (Limone Market)

Whether or not you enjoy spending time in the kitchen, you probably did so a lot more often in 2020. Home cooking is on the rise across the nation, but that doesn’t mean meals have to be boring or bland. People are firing up the stoves, putting on their chef hats, and whipping up amazing meals all from the comforts of their home—and you can, too.

Meal kits and home delivery have made preparing breakfast, lunch, and dinner at home easier and more adventurous as people turn to new recipes and different cooking techniques over the last year. The popular pasta night filled with generic marinara sauce and bland noodles that used to satisfy everyone at the dinner table now deserves a definite upgrade to keep up with our newly upgraded palettes.

In order to spice up your spaghetti, you need to spice up your pantry with flavorful sauces, quality pasta and good old fashioned Italian staples. The Primo Pantry Food Essentials Bundle, on sale now for an affordable $99, is just the thing.

This bundle comes with a complete set of Italian staples like spaghetti, pasta sauce, sea salt and more. We’re not talking generic macaroni either. This set, curated by Limone Market, contains high-quality pasta, made with the world’s most exceptional grains such as Felicetti Monograno Matt Spaghetti, Arborio Rice and organic lentils. Your taste buds will also love the pasta sauce that contains rosemary and pure Sicilian sea salt.

One happy customer left a raving 5-star review saying, “Some of the best quality pasta I’ve ever had. I made baked mac and cheese with it and the quality of the pasta really elevated the dish!”

If you think your dinner could use some spicing up, The Primo Pantry Food Essentials Bundle is the right choice and for only $99, it’s a great deal.

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