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Save on farm-to-table meat with this box shipped right to you

Feed your family ethically raised GMO and chemical-free meat shipped to your door.
Feed your family ethically raised GMO and chemical-free meat shipped to your door. (United Harvest)

If you’ve been thinking about eating healthier, starting with where your food comes from is a great option. Looking over the grocery store butcher counter may leave you discouraged, but what if you could cut out the middle-man and get food freshly prepared right from the farm? Right now, you can get Premium Farm-to-Table Meat Boxes on sale for as low as $149.

You’ll know more about your food than ever before when you source your meat from farm-to-table options. Get pasture-raised meat from United Harvest’s small partner farms. Each of these farms is committed to healthier and more humane methods for raising livestock.

These meats are produced without hormones or antibiotics. No pesticides or GMOs are used either. With small farm sourcing, you can get away from the dangers and unpleasantness of factory farming and back to high-quality meat like your grandparents used to eat. Plus, you get to support small farms that are doing it right.

And, more importantly, it tastes great. With less transportation and potential temperature changes, you’re getting meat straight from the farm. The flavor difference is noticeable. Reviewers are loving their boxes from United Harvest, including 5-star Facebook reviewer Andy R. in November 2020: “Just cooked 2 lbs of pork loin baby back ribs in [the] oven for 3 hrs. with dry rub. The best baby back ribs I have ever tasted. Other cuts were the bomb as well such as NY strip steaks and Osso Bucco.”

When you order, your delivery box arrives within 72 hours. Insulated and packed with dry ice, you’ll be excited to find your high-quality meal sitting on your step. Stock your freezer with at least eight servings of your choice of Angus beef and pork.

The Premium Farm-to-Table Meat Boxes are on sale now for up to 14% off. Put something better on your table when you take advantage of this sale now, including the Premium Farm-to-Table Meat Boxes for $149 (Reg. $159), the Premium Farm-to-Table Meat Box (Medium Sampler/Angus & Pork) for $179 (Reg. $205), and Premium Farm-to-Table Meat Box (Large Sampler/Angus & Pork) for $239 (Reg. $280).

Prices subject to change.