10 DIY Halloween Decorations That Won't Haunt Your Wallet

They are so easy to make it's scary

Clear plastic bags hung by fishing line will haunt your backyard -- Taken by Elisa DeFoe in Winter Park, Florida
Clear plastic bags hung by fishing line will haunt your backyard -- Taken by Elisa DeFoe in Winter Park, Florida

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – It's the spookiest month of the year: October. That means you may be getting ready for Halloween. But with Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up, we know you're not trying to break the bank. 

We have 10 'Do It Yourself' decorations that will haunt your dreams, but not your wallet. 

1. Front Door Mummy

This adorable, yet spooky, door decor is super easy and cheap to make! All you have to do is take white streamers and wrap them all the way around your door. For a personal touch, cut out eyeballs from construction paper. It takes about five to ten minutes to make. (Honey & Fitz)

2. Ghostly Lanterns

These DIY Halloween decorations may not cost you a dime! They may be sitting in your fridge right now. Turn your milk just into Casper the friendly ghost! Draw faces on empty, clean gallon milk jugs and fill them with a ghostly glow. 

3. Monster Rocks 

This family-friendly DIY rocks! All you need is paint, googly eyes, and rocks. Easy enough, right? You could display them or put them in goody bags! 

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4. Pool Noodle Witch Legs

You will get a kick out of this! Spice up your living room with a pair of witch legs! Looks like she took a wrong turn on her broomstick. All you need are pool noodles and shoes! You can put them in a box or flower pot. Get creative! 

Courtesy Gina Bell - www.rd.com

5. Trash Bag Haunts 

Make a ghoulish first impression with these outdoor floating souls. All you need are clear trash bags and fishing wire. You can string them from trees or put spot lights on them to give them an eerie vibe. 

6. Floating Cheesecloth Ghost

Supplies needed to make a cheesecloth ghost: Scissors, Cheesecloth, Black felt, Balloons, Tin Cans, Trash bags, Elmer's School Glue. 

Instructions: Pour Elmer’s glue in a large bowl or container, and then dilute the glue by 50 percent. Dip the cheesecloth in the bowl. Pull it out of the bowl and form your ghost. Let it dry overnight. When the cheesecloth is dry, pop the balloon with something sharp, then gently peel it off the cheesecloth. The head may sink in when you do this, but after removing the balloon you can easily reshape it. Use black felt to make eyes and a mouth if you want. 


7. Floating Witch Hat Luminaries

It's time for some Hocus Pocus! You can make floating witch hat luminaries with inexpensive witch hats, fishing line, a long needle and LED light sticks. 

8. Spider Web Welcome Mat

Don't get caught in the web! This adorable idea was make by using a canvas drop cloth and covering it with black duct tape. It takes about 15 minutes to make. Trick-or-treaters love it! 

9. "Punny" Grave Markers

These punny grave markers can be created by using wood, cardboard or styrofoam and painting then gray. You can write on them with paint and write an eerie saying or a funny Halloween name. 


10. Spider Web Placemats

This DIY spider web is easy to make! All you need is black puffy paint, wax paper and invisible tape. 

For more spooky decor you can visit websites RD, IdeaStand, DIYNetwork, Brit and Sousmonarbre.

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