10 hilarious Halloween costumes guaranteed to make you LOL

Bob Ross, stick figure, marshmallow man among items from Amazon

Costume/photo from Amazon.com.
Costume/photo from Amazon.com.

Sure, Halloween is considered a spooky holiday, but it's also an opportune time to show off some humor.

I mean, really, no witch costume will ever trump a giant, blow-up dinosaur costume -- at least not when it comes to getting all the laughs at your friend's costume party.

Here are some ideas that will leave everyone cracking up, and all are available on Amazon.

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1.) Bob Ross couples costume set

For starters (and finishers), it's Bob Ross! There will never be a shortage of memes when it comes to Bob Ross. Why? Because there is something so iconic and hilarious about his look and demeanor as he paints happy trees.

Thinking of painting the happy trees? Click here.

2.) Inflatable dinosaur

Firsthand proof that this costume will slay: My friend dressed up in this last year and I laughed SO hard ... for probably 20 minutes. Tears! Trust me, this will kill it.

Click here to have people rawring with laughter. 

3.) Tacky world traveler

Besides being hilarious, it's simple and looks pretty comfy ... which leads me to the best perk -- eat all the candy and food with no worry about showing that you're full. You're welcome.

How much to be a Jimmy Buffet-loving jet-setter?

4.) Sumo pick-me-up wrestler

I'm laughing out loud just looking at the picture of this costume. 😂Just imagine the reactions you'll get when you walk into -- err, get "carried" into a party in this.

How much to take on a sumo wrestler?

5.) Stick figure

I can't explain why it's funny, but it just is. Also, it is about as simple as it gets -- it's a onesie with a high quality zipper and pockets.

Do they have your size?

6.) "Ghostbusters" marshmallow man

Who doesn't love the "Ghostbusters" marshmallow man? It's a lot of costume, but just know that it includes a battery operated fan, so no melting!

How much to be a giant marshmallow?

7.) Squirrel!









You'll be an oversized squirrel. What's not to love? And I know what you're wondering -- yes, the nuts come with the costume.

Do they have your size?

8.) The finger

Mama said if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. You can just let the costume speak for itself. And you can walk into any party confident that you're No. 1. Get it? 😉

How much to be the finger?

9.) Piggy

This little piggy went hee hee hee all the way to the party. Look at it. It's a pig ... with a face in the mouth. What's not to laugh about here?

Click here to see how much it is to go wee wee wee all the way home.

10.) Rooster rider

Why did the rooster cross the road? To cockadoodledoo something. Too corny? Let's just say it will make for some good adult jokes.

Click here to ride the rooster.

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