Researchers aim to improve food safety around the world


Where you live might be putting you at risk for food poisoning, according to new research from Kansas State University.

Where do you store your meat?

Do you wash your raw chicken in the sink?

Those are questions Kansas State University researchers asked consumers from the United States, Asia and Latin America.

They found a big difference in food safety practices.

About 90 percent of consumers in Latin America and 70 percent in India said they wash their raw poultry in the sink -- a risky behavior that could lead to food-borne illness.

"If you think about washing something in the sink, typically water splatters on the surface around the sink, and you may have some other ingredients that you're about to use for your meal surrounding that sink, so all that splattering may cross-contaminate all the other ingredients you're about to use," said Kadri Koppel, a K-State researcher.

About 40 percent of Americans wash their poultry in the sink.

The researchers hope the study will help countries develop safer practices and reduce food-borne illness.