What are the most popular college majors?

Business, psychology, education top list

By L. Lee Scott, contributing writer
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Are you having trouble picking your college major? Sometimes it helps to glance at the most popular majors to see what other students are studying.

1. Business Administration
Despite the struggling economy, business administration tops the list of popular college majors. It certainly ranks as the most popular major on Princeton Review's top 10 list. You'll study accounting, finance and economics, and learn the art of decision making. Career options include management, management consulting, or even starting your own business.

2. Psychology
Psychology is a great major if you like to watch people and learn why they do what they do. It's second on the lists of the Princeton Review, www.highschoolgraduate.com and www.collegecrunch.org. Classes cover different areas of psychology and statistics. Careers include clinical psychology, social work, advertising and criminal profiling.

3. Nursing
Nursing is the third most popular major on the lists of the Princeton Review. Nurses are in increasingly high demand. Classes include freshman basics followed by anatomy and physiology, then clinical work in hospitals or clinics. Career options range from private nursing to intensive care nursing.

4. Biology
Biology ranks fourth on the lists of the Princeton Review. The word "biology" means "study of life," and you'll study life from single-celled organisms to whales. Your class work will include a variety of biology classes, calculus and statistics. Career possibilities include medicine, genetic research and pharmacy work.

5. Education
Elementary education comes in fifth on the Princeton Review's list but it's not an easy choice or career. Your program may require you to pick a specialty such as math, music or language arts, and you'll have to spend one or two semesters as a student teacher before you graduate and get your license.

6. English
English literature and language ranks sixth on the Princeton Review list. Classes include American, English and world literature, poetry, creative writing, and business and technical writing. While you could become an author, you're more likely to find yourself a journalist, editor or business writer.

7. Economics
Economics, ranked seventh by Princeton Review, studies how government funds are allocated and the consequences of those allocations. Courses include accounting, statistics and international business. Two possible careers are economist and stockbroker.

8. Communications

Communications ranks eighth on the Princeton Review's list. Communications majors spend time looking at speeches and studying the messaging and purpose behind them. Communications majors often find careers in business, advertising, human resources, public relations, government, education, media, and social services, according to the Princeton Review.

9. Political Science
Political science ranks ninth on the Princeton Review list, but it doesn't offer an immediate career like nursing and elementary education do. You'll study different types of government, public policy and statistics. Careers with this degree include foreign service, journalism and education.

10. Computer and Information Science

Ranking No. 10 on the Princeton Review's list, computer and information science majors will learn more about computers and how to apply the knowledge they gain into a business setting.

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