Movie review: "Venom" hits target with suspense and humor but falls short on depth

Tom Hardy makes friends with a parasite

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Venom Rated-PG-13

Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) is a famous investigative journalist when he takes an assignment that puts him face to face with a corrupt scientist. Brock questions the integrity of the scientist, and the next day, he loses his girlfriend and job. That's a bad day!

Eddie Brock eventually sees to the scientist who destroyed his life but not without a little painful encounter. Brock is taken over by a parasite from outer space. From this moment on, Brock is now Venom.

The only problem is, there is more than one parasite on Earth, and they are looking for hosts. Now there is a battle between good parasite versus bad parasite.

The movie is filled with suspense and humor without losing the storyline. I think you will enjoy this movie for entertainment purposes only.

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