Burn Book from 'Mean Girls' is now a real life parody cookbook

How fetch!

Instagram / @jonathanbennett
Instagram / @jonathanbennett

Yes, butter is a carb, and yes, there will be lots of them in this new "Mean Girls-" inspired parody cookbook called "The Burn Cookbook" by Jonathan Bennett (aka Aaron Samuels, who still looks sexy with his hair pushed back) and celebrity chef Nikki Martin. 


The cookbook may tout itself as a parody, but it really is full of recipes that actually sound delicious, and they're all themed around the movies that millennials can quote at the drop of the hat -- it's so fetch! 

So what kind of recipes are we talking about? You can try out the "Fetch-uccini Alfredo" that we are sure is full of enough carbs that Regina George would want a second helping. 

There is also a recipe for "Whatever, I'm Getting Cheese Fries," "Just Stab Caesar Salad" and "JAMBO-laya" that will make you laugh with glee and fill your stomach. This book is genius and we can't believe it's taken this long to make. 


The cookbook is also separated into sections so it's easy to find a recipe that you're looking for. The high-carb dishes are under "Regina's All-Carb Diet," the healthier dishes are under "I Really Want to Lose Three Pounds" and cocktails are under "Happy Hour Is from Four to Six." The "Mean Girls" references run so deep in this book and it's incredible. 

We're not trying to be a pusher here (OK, yes we are), but if you want to purchase this hilarious book, just click here. 

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