8-year-old Jacksonville boy turns heads while rapping at Ramona Flea Market

He nailed every word!

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A video of an 8-year-old from Jacksonville is getting a lot of attention.

“Chaz Rapper” was recorded singing "Ice Ice Baby” by Vanilla Ice on Dec. 8 by onlooker ‎Rochelle Smith‎. The little guy became quite the talk of the town after the video started blowing up online.

The boy, also known as “Pickle Chaz,” nailed every word of the popular song that was first recorded in 1990, long before he was born.

“Little boy at Ramona flea market getting it,” Smith said in the Facebook post. The video was shared more than 500 times.

We spoke with the 8-year-old’s family who said he is trying out for America’s Got Talent in Miami on Tuesday.

The aspiring rapper can also freestyle.

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Little freestyle for ya🎤🎶

Posted by Chaz Rapper on Sunday, December 15, 2019

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