10-year-old girl writes song for ‘superhero’ doctors, nurses

A young girl wrote a song to thank all of the doctors and nurses during this pandemic.

Hannah Hyatt, 10, says that health care workers are her superheroes.

“Doctors don’t have super strength, capes or matching ties, but they have their sense of duty, they run toward the fight,” Hannah said.

She and her dad wrote a song for health care workers while in quarantine. But they said it is personal because Hannah’s mom is a doctor.

“Who is my hero? Who is the hero right now? So, I chose my mom because she’s going, we’re waking up in our pajamas eating breakfast, and she’s waking up and putting on a mask and going out to work,” Hannah said.

Hannah said the song started as a school assignment when her teacher asked her to write a paper about her hero but she wanted to turn it into a song.

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