Why this tugboat depicting an iconic children’s series has been sailing on the Great Lakes all summer

Have you seen Theodore TOO on the water this summer?

Courtesy photo. (Drost Photo And Theodore Tugboat team)

Those along the Great Lakes and rivers near Detroit and Canada have taken notice of a special boat that’s been sailing those waters this summer.

Theodore TOO, an iconic tugboat that spent the past 21 years in Halifax, Nova Scotia, has been traveling around the Great Lakes and its surrounding waters as it prepares to port at its new residence, in Hamilton, Ontario.

The boat was sold by Ambassatours Gray Line in March to its new owner, Breakwater Investments, which has some special plans for Theodore TOO.

Courtesy photo. (Drost Photo And Theodore Tugboat team)

The boat will be used to promote protection of waterways and the connections between all sorts of bodies of water, whether it’s oceans, the Great Lakes or rivers.

“As guardians and stewards of 20% of the world’s fresh water, we have an enormous accountability to ensure it is swimmable, drinkable and fishable,” said Natasha Mackow, Theodore Too chief experience officer. “Building connections with the water is a critical step in engaging us all as their guardians. Theodore loves the water as much as we do. He’s the perfect ambassador for our Great Lakes Guide, which is focused on helping Canadians of all ages and backgrounds, from urban cities to rural communities, to get to the water’s edge.”

Mackow said Theodore will be dry docked this winter and will be converted to bio-diesel.

But there still is some summer left for people to enjoy him on the waterways on or near the Great Lakes.

“We can think of no better role for Theodore TOO,” Mackow said. “The outpouring of support for Theodore TOO across ports from Halifax to Ontario on Great Lakes and waterways has been remarkable, and affirmed his role as an ambassador for efforts focused on protecting our waterways and help people connect to them.”

Theodore Tugboat is an iconic children’s television series in Canada, where Theodore lives on a harbor with all of this friends.

Courtesy photo. (Drost Photo And Theodore Tugboat team)

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