How do your county’s current gas prices compare to last week, last month?

Friends about to take a road trip. (Photo by UnknownNFT from Pexels.)

If you’ve been to the gas pumps lately, or even listened to any news outlet, you’re likely well aware that gas prices are at a painful high.

Prices have surged in the last few months, and although there has been a recent dip in oil prices, people all over the world have yet to feel a substantial reprieve in prices at the pump.

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According to AAA, the current national average for regular gas as of Wednesday was $4.16 per gallon.

One month ago: $4.00

One year ago: $2.87

Florida’s statewide average price on Tuesday was $4.13.

Below, you can see how your gas prices have changed within your county and other major counties since Dec. 31.

Watch the videos below to learn about ways people are beating high gas prices.