Aardvark pizza? Scottish restaurant under investigation for having item on menu

Just when you think every pizza topping had already been invented

Courtesy of pexels.
Courtesy of pexels.

Haven't the pizza-makers of the world already dreamed up every topping you could imagine?

Apparently not.

Last week in Scotland, an Indian restaurant in Kilmarnock added a bizarre item to its menu: spicy aardvark pizza, according to an article from The Mirror

Yep, of all the toppings to put on a pizza, this restaurant came up with aardvark

And the unusual creation might end up getting the restaurant owner in trouble, according to the article. 

Aardvarks are native to Africa and are under bushmeat import legislation in the United Kingdom, so a specific license is needed in order to sell it. In light of that, the East Ayrshire Council has launched an investigation to see if the restaurant is operating within the law. 

However, there was a claim from a store employee that there actually isn't aardvark in the pizza, according to a report in the Evening Times out of Glasgow. 

The article said that a woman showed up to the store in a white coat and hairnet, and talked with staff, saying she was an inspector.

The woman asked for information on the aardvark pizza and whether the store had documentation, but was told by the staffer that it was only called an aardvark pizza -- and that there wasn't actually aardvark in it. 

One customer who allegedly witnessed the conversation between the staffer and woman said in the article: "He said it was just spicy mince, chicken and lamb."

Still, the council will conduct an investigation to be sure. 

But while the investigation goes on, it begs a question. Would you try an aardvark pizza?

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