Protect your hearing


Loud sounds can damage our hearing. Some of them we can control, others we can't, but there are lots of ways we can protect our ears.

Dr. Sharon Sandridge, who treats hearing loss at Cleveland Clinic, says limiting the time you listen to headphones can help.

"If you're listening to your music, maybe only listen to it for an hour, as opposed to three hours because it really is the combination of the intensity level and the time you're exposed to it," she explained.

Sandridge says if you prefer to listen longer you should turn the volume down. She says you should only listen to music that's 102 decibels for two or three minutes, but by dropping the volume to 90 decibels or under, you can safely listen for hours.

Sandridge says you may also find yourself in a situation, like a rock concert or a car race, where the noise is loud and you can't turn it down.  She says to try one of these three tips.

"Walk away from the sound. If you double your distance from the sound you decrease the intensity by half, so that's great. Turn it down if you can and the third thing is to wear protection, either the little earplugs or, if you're at a race, you wear ear muffs," Sandridge suggested.

Sandridge says if the noise around you is loud enough to force you to have to raise your voice, then you are potentially in danger of damaging your hearing.