Watch out for ticks and Lyme disease

What's Going Around week of June 6th

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. –  Yellow flies, mosquitoes, and ticks are all taking a bite out of summer. Doctors are reminding you to be on the lookout for ticks and the risk of Lyme disease. Although the illness is most prevalent in northeastern states, research has shown it is spreading.

If you've been walking in the woods or tall grass or perhaps working in a garden, experts recommend conducting a full body check afterwards.

The ticks that carry Lyme disease are about the size of a poppy seed, so they're tough to spot. The best place to check for them is in the bath or shower without the clothes that could have been carrying ticks.

If you spot one under your skin, remove it with fine-tipped tweezers, pulling upward with steady pressure. Make sure you get any parts of the tick that remain in the skin and then clean the bite area with rubbing alcohol or soap and water.

Early symptoms for the illness are similar to that of the flu -- fever, chills, headache and joint aches.

What’s Going Around

Doctors say many kids are kicking off summer with strep throat. Due to the highly contagious nature of strep throat, it can easily spread through summer camps.

In Duval County at the Care Spot on the Southside: The staff says the office has been flooded with patients with strep throat. Several patients are also getting treated for upper respiratory infections.

In Clay County at the Care Spot in Middleburg: many children- especially those in summer camps have strep throat. More adults are dealing with sinus infections.

In St. Johns County at the Healing Arts Urgent Care in St. Augustine: watch out for sore throats and strep throat as well. The staff there has also seen several summer-related injuries like sunburns, oyster bites, and burns from grilling. Two cases of shingles were also reported. Several people are getting bug bites that are getting infected.

in Nassau County at the care spot in Yulee: the office has been busy treating patients with sinus infections, upper respiratory infections, allergies and strep throat.