Fungal skin infections causing itchy problems

What's Going Around week of Sept. 26

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – You can catch a fungal skin infection almost anywhere--the hot and humid weather doesn't help. While they can be extremely uncomfortable, most can be easily managed with proper treatment.

Grass, pets, showers, the spores that cause fungal infections of the skin can be found pretty much anywhere. Some skin fungal infections include, jock-itch, athlete's foot and ringworm.

“It infects the skin and it causes an outward ring that is raised, that is why people assume that it's a worm, but it's just a fungal infection,” said Angela Giallourakis with the Cleveland Clinic.

Other fungal infection symptoms may include:

  • red patchy skin
  • itchy skin
  • scaly, cracked skin
  • hair loss

If you have an infection, there are some easy methods you can try to manage it. Make sure you're using good hygiene to reduce the likelihood of spreading it to another area.

There are also effective over-the-counter medications- but not everyone should self-treat.

“Diabetics, specifically, should not self-treat. Their skin has the ability to reduce self-healing because of their blood sugar levels,” said Giallourakis.

Even for those who can use them, over-the-counter treatments are sometimes not enough to eliminate a fungal infection. A doctor will review what medications you’ve been taking and evaluate the severity of the infection.

“Typically a doctor is going to review that information and then decide if the next best choice is a prescription product that's a stronger anti-fungal, or they might provide something that's an oral medication for you to use,” said Giallourakis.

The staff at Healing Arts Urgent Care in St. Augustine says a lot of bug bites and scratches can get infected too. Proper hygiene of course can help that as well.

What's Going Around:

In Duval County, doctors at the Care Spot on the Southside say they're seeing an early start to the flu season. Up to 10 people each day have tested positive for flu.

In Clay County at the Care Spot in Middleburg, sore throats and sinus infections are what doctors are seeing.

In Nassau County at the Care Spot in Yulee, they've had strep throat this week and a few cases of skin infections.

But it's in St. Johns County at the Healing Arts Urgent Care in St. Augustine where skin infections have really been a reoccurring problem. A viral 24-hour bug has left several people with a fever, chills, and body aches.