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Potentially deadly drug-resistant superbug spreading in hospitals, including Florida

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NEW YORK – Officials at the Centers for Disease Control are expressing concern over an outbreak of a potentially deadly germ that has been spreading throughout hospitals, including locations in Florida.

Candida aurus, which was discovered in 2009, has spread across the globe, and has picked up steam in the US.

According to the CDC, the fungus causes severe illness in hospitalized patients and is currently drug-resistant. 

The fungus, which is actually a yeast, can cause bloodstream infections, wound and ear infections. Symptoms are difficult to detect as most patients are already sick

A total of 587 cases have been reported in the US since Feb. 28, with 12 cases having been reported in Florida.

Officials urge those who visit healthcare facilities to wash their hands as the germ can live on surfaces for weeks, WCBS reports.