Florida tops 7M COVID cases since start of pandemic, still averaging 6K cases per day

Florida has reported more than 7 million COVID-19 cases since the start of the pandemic. Only two other states, California and Texas, have reached that mark.

Florida has now counted more than 7 million cases of COVID-19 since the start of the pandemic.

Numbers reported to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention last week are what led to the state’s new all-time case count.

Florida still averages around 6,000 cases every day, but that number is an improvement. According to data, 6,352 new cases were reported this past Friday.

For most of June and July, Florida was averaging more than 10,000 cases per day.

It’s important to note, these numbers only reflect cases that are officially reported.

They do not include numbers for people who test at home or cases that are not reported.

Here’s some good news to share:

  • The number of people in Florida hospitals with confirmed cases of COVID-19 is once again below 3,000. The number dropped to 2,962 over the weekend.
  • The last time Florida dropped below 3,000 was in June.
  • When Florida reached its peak during the recent summer wave, 4,239 adults were in the hospital with COVID-19.

If you want to get your hands on some of the free at-home COVID tests, you’ll have to act fast, because after Friday, the government will no longer offer them. The government says it’s because Congress has not provided the additional funding needed for the program to continue.

The way to order the tests is to go online to COVID.gov. Then click on the link that says “order free tests.” You have until Friday.

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