Black History Month: 2-Year-Old Dresses up as African-American Icons

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In honor of Black History Month, a cute 2-year-old is dressing up as black icons. 

From Rosa Parks, to Kobe and Gianna, to Malcom X, Londyn Bennett-Dotson is paying homage to those who came before her.

Londyn's mother, Ashleigh Sheppard, who lives in South Carolina, said she’s passionate about black history and wanted to share that love with her daughter.

"I am really into black history. I love watching black history films or reading up on people from the past who are influencing black history," Sheppard told "My daughter isn’t always up for pictures every single day, so we just try to do it when we can."

Sheppard said she believes the education on prominent African-American figures is important. 

"For one, I feel like the school system now, they don’t really educate African-American children on their heritage and history so I feel as a parent, my job is to educate my daughter," Sheppard said. "Because most of the times, kids won’t just look up on google black history or things of that nature, so I just want to make it more appealing and more fun for her to get into it herself."

Up next for Londyn is Miss America and a few others. 

"I want to do Leila Ali. I definitely want to do Madam CJ walker," Sheppard said. 


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