🔒 Insiders First: The origin of Mary’s haircut

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Legendary anchorman Ron Burgundy knew how important the perfect haircut could be.

While it’s a funny line in a movie, the reality is people who make a living on television need a well-fitting hairstyle.

THANKS 4 THIRTY YEARS: Help rename the Gaughan Gauge | John Gaughan at WJKS | What question do you have for Mary Baer and/or John Gaughan?

In our final Insider First Look of the “Thanks 4 Thirty Years” podcast, Mary reveals the story behind her iconic short ‘do.

Chief Meteorologist John Gaughan and lead anchor Mary Baer are retiring after 30 incredible years at WJXT-Channel 4. (WJXT)

Both Mary and John Gaughan sat down with Tom Wills to discuss their time at The Local Station and what they plan to do next after retiring at the end of May. The “Thanks 4 Thirty Years” podcast will be released Monday, May 22 on News4JAX.com and News4JAX+.

As a News4JAX Insider, we are giving you a sneak peek at some of the memories and stories they’ve been a part of for the past 30 years. Click the video above to hear Mary’s hair-raising tale. And come back all week for more by going to News4JAX.com/insider.

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