Show us your superstar Senior Citizens

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National Senior Citizens Day is a special occasion observed annually to honor and appreciate the lives, contributions and wisdom of the more experienced population in our communities.

Celebrated on Aug. 21, this day encourages us to show gratitude and kindness to senior citizens, acknowledging their role in shaping society and passing down invaluable knowledge.

It serves as a reminder to engage with and support older individuals, fostering a sense of connection and respect across generations.

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We’ll add some of your Snaps here as they are posted throughout the day:

Ashley Seymour

Best friends since elementary school.

Samantha Knowles

Dad 89 Mom 88 Best Parents


Happy Senior Citizen’s Day to my beautiful mom, Carolyn!

Fields Strong

These two are not only best friends, but have been married for 53 years. W.T. worked in law enforcement and also had a successful business. Ava is a retired nurse after 45 years of nursing. Together they have 10 children, 17 grandchildren, and 7 great grandchildren. Thanks Mom & Dad


Cutest Nana and Pops!


Joseph and Annett Simmons. Working side-by-side in the Lord's vineyard.

Bernadette Williams

Bishop Lewis & Dr Bernadette Williams, Household of Faith Church, 67 & 68 years of Life. Seniors still serving others through ministry.


My 92 year 'young' mom, Dottie Hatton.