Why should I purchase protection for my air conditioner?

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Protecting your property from criminals could save you thousands of dollars. To put it in perspective may we suggest the following:

1. Educate yourself on the rapidly increasing epidemic of copper theft.
2. Do not assume you are not a target.
3. Consider the unfortunate situation of being without Air Conditioning.
4. Contact a local Air Conditioner company and inquire how much a replacement A/C unit would cost.
5. Calculate the Cost of replacement VS the Cost of Protection.

SOMETHING TO CONSIDER: Residential and commercial Air Conditioners are now being manufactured with a new ozone friendly R410A refrigerant. Sounds Great doesn't it? However, if your unit is older than a couple years, the inside portion of your Air Conditioning system may not work with a new outside condenser. What does that mean? Simple. If your outside A/C unit gets stolen and a new R410A unit is required, you may be forced to replace both the inside and the outside unit. Now the $50 bucks the crook just made will potentially cost you over $5000.

Information provided by Property Armor