Florida theme parks ramping up security

Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando to hire more security guards


ORLANDO, Fla. – Theme parks are taking extra steps to protect people from possible terrorism and mass shootings.

Both Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando are hiring more security employees, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

The parks would not say exactly how many new personnel will be hired. Disney did say many of the newly hired employees will help work metal detectors. Disney installed the metal detectors in December of 2015. They have been staffed by a third-party company.

Disney World, SeaWorld and Universal have all taken measures to increase security. All three parks currently have metal detectors at their gates. Disney also does not allow adults to wear costumes inside its parks and prohibits toy gun sales.

In Disney’s advertisements for new security guards, the company says it pays $10.55 per hour. Universal is also advertising for new security guards, but the company does not list a starting pay.