Big bang in gun sales on Black Friday


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Black Friday shopping set a record at gun stores. According to the FBI, a record number of gun background checks were processed this year.

The old record was set last year. This year,  there was a 0.2 percent increase on Black Friday.

The FBI reports 185,713 background checks were processed this year on the day after Thanksgiving. That’s up just slightly from last year’s number of 185,345. The FBI only expected 180,000 background checks.

The line outside of Shooters on University Boulevard was wrapped around the building on Friday.

Inside the Green Acres Sporting Goods store on the Westside, there was a steady stream of people as well. The store’s general manager reported business was up and prices were down during Black Friday.

That's exactly what attracted shoppers like Donald Bullock and Jon Larson.

“They’re prices were the best in town. That’s why we came here. I’ve already shopped around and looked at a couple different places and we decided to go here,” Larson said.

“I saw that and it’s a lot cheaper than anywhere I’ve found it. And then, my brother wanted one too, so we’re all together on this thing,” Bullock said.