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Has Easter surpassed Halloween as top candy holiday?

Easter bunny means big profits for candy retailers

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Welcome to sugar rush, part II.

In fact, it could very well be called sugar rush, part I.

For parents who dread seeing their kids consume massive amounts of candy at Halloween and who are happy that day is still more than six months away, they won’t like this week at all. 

With Easter approaching Sunday, those parents will be disappointed to know that Easter has become a twin to Halloween in terms of candy sales.

Taking it a step further, it seems as though Easter might have even surpassed Halloween slightly in terms of candy sales.

An estimated $2.49 billion is expected to be spent on candy for Easter, according to the National Retail Federation.

Last year, that figure was $2.63 billion, according to the group.

The NRF said candy sales were estimated to be at $2.6 billion last Halloween.

A 2016 CNBC report stated that Easter has become the most lucrative week of the year for candy retailers. 

There might not be trick-or-treating at Easter, but there are egg hunts, gift baskets and larger volumes of chocolate purchased. 

After all, Cadbury eggs or large chocolate bunnies aren’t given out too often at Halloween.

So with that in mind, parents and teachers, you better get ready for some more-active-than-usual kids next week. 

What is your favorite Easter candy to purchase? Let us know in comments below.

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