Wow interviews: How to jump back in the job market

Padama Ali, a Life Coach, joins us and discusses ways to navigate the job market and how to land the perfect interview.

ORLANDO, Fla. – Twenty-three million Americans were unemployed last year, as companies had to let employees go because of COVID-19. But now the job market is opening back up and the rush is on to find employees.

Many companies are offering signing bonuses and extra perks to land the perfect employee, but it’s your job to land the perfect interview.

Don’t let your interview become a train wreck. Be prepared to stand out.

“What can I do to make myself so much marketable that people are wanting to hire me,” Padama Ali, a life coach, told Ivanhoe.

First, brush up on your digital communication skills. Most interviews are online now even if the job is in person.

Make sure you have a good connection, good lighting, consider your body language. Experts say, online your non-verbal cues are more obvious. Be aware of facial expressions, posture and be an active listener. Be sure to research the company and begin your interview with one line that lets them know you did your homework.

Describe your accomplishments in short, concise sentences. Don’t ramble and show how your achievements would fit into short-term and long-term plans. And be sure to ask questions, but don’t ask the obvious because if you want to stand out, you have to be unique, prepared and ready to work.

Don’t rely only on LinkedIn for job applications. Many employers are recruiting on other social platforms like Facebook and Instagram. If you use LinkedIn make sure your profile is up to date, includes a professional headshot, and make sure it shows off why an employer should choose you.