Deputies: Teens Beat Delivery Man, Steal $36, 2 Pizzas, Wings

6 Charged With Felony Armed Robbery

Six Clay County teenagers accused of beating a pizza delivery are in jail and facing felony charges of armed robbery.

Deputies said the teens, aged 15 to 19, drove a stolen car to a vacant house on Snapdragon Avenue Monday night, placed an order from Papa John's Pizza, then waited inside for the man to arrive.

After beating the man, the teens left with $36 in cash, two pizza pies, an order of chicken wings and the man's car keys.

According to the arrest reports, the 33-year-old delivery man suffered two black eyes and substantial swelling and bruising to his face.

All six were booked into the Clay County Jail. The two juveniles were then transported to the juvenile detention facility in Duval County.