New documents released in Anthony case

Ex says Anthony cried at video soon after disappearance

ORLANDO, Fla. – New documents have been released by the state?s attorney?s office in the disappearance on Caylee Anthony, one of which revealed that Casey Anthony was seen crying while looking at a home video of Caylee after the child disappeared.

The information was revealed through an interview with Casey?s former boyfriend, Tony Lazarro.

Casey was living with Lazarro in the month after Caylee vanished. He said that one morning -- probably within a week or so the disappearance -- he woke up to find Casey crying while sitting in bed and looking at a video on her laptop computer while viewing a video of Caylee sitting on her great-grandfather?s lap.

The video was shot at the great-grandfather?s nursing home the day before Caylee was last seen. Detectives believe it may have been her last full day alive.

Lazarro said Casey was sitting at the end of the bed while staring at the video and crying.

But Lazarro said she didn't sob uncontrollably the way she did a few weeks earlier when he joked about breaking up with her and moving away.

Instead, Lazarro said Casey?s crying reminded him of the last day Casey appeared on TV in Jose Baez?s office just before she was about to be arrested. He said there was crying, but there were not really any tears.

Lazarro said Casey was much more emotional about the threatened breakup than while watching the video, and he said he never saw her upset about Caylee?s disappearance, which no one else knew about at the time.

About a week after that last video of Caylee was shot -- when detectives believe the little girl was already dead -- Lazarro said Casey's car ran out of gas in a subdivision near her home.

As the two filled the car with gasoline stolen from George Anthony's backyard shed, Lazarro said he had no reason to think a dead body had been in the trunk.

He told detectives that he did not recall a stench coming from the vehicle. He also told them that she didn?t stop him from going near the trunk.