Police Searching For 2 Armed Robbers

Several People Robbed At Plantation Apartments On Old Kings Road

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Police are searching for two men who have been robbing people at gunpoint at the Plantation Apartments on Old Kings Road South.

"You can lose your life for nothing these days, it ain't necessarily have to be money," resident Herbert Berringer said.

Those robbers stole less then $20 from Berringer's stepson Tuesday night.

Because police have not caught the robbers, the victim said he doesn't want to be identified.

"He pointed it at me and said, 'Give it up,' and I just gave them everything," the victim said.


He said he was walking home from the store when one of the robbers pulled a gun on him. The other grabbed his wallet out of his pocket and took the two drinks he'd just bought. Then, he said, they got into a bronze Chevy Malibu and drove away.

"You robbed me of nothing. I didn't have nothing. They were basically practicing with me, that's all," the victim said.

According to a police report, just five minutes earlier, armed robbers took the purse of a woman in the complex. The woman gave the same description of the robbers and saw the same getaway car.

Police could not find the men.

The apartments do have a hired a security guard that patrols the complex, but Berringer said that's not enough. That's why the veteran is getting his family out and heading for a safer spot.

"It's dangerous. I went through 'Nam and all that for danger. I don't need any danger to the place I'm trying to live," Berringer said.