Advice on handling a conniving coworker


JACKSONVILLE, FLa. – While we mingle with our coworkers, even socialilze after hours, the workplace is a compettive place.  Because of that, it's possible to become the target for someone you work with. 

An article on the job site Monster.com sought advice from someone who helps run the Miss USA Pageant.  In dealing with conniving coworkers, she advises you take precautions and save your work.   This way you have written proof if something comes down between your word and theirs. 

She also adds, you need to make sure your boss knows how hard you're working, so don't be afraid to point it out.

We turned to some local human resource directors in Jacksonville, who agree on some very important points when dealing with conniving coworkers.

Avoid the drama:  Stay out of bad situations and don't lose your temper.  If you do lose your temper, this will make you look bad to the bosses and often that's a negative coworker's ultimate goal.  They want to look better than you by making you look like a loose cannon.

Count to 10:  If you count to 10, you can allow yourself the opportunity to walk away from someone when you are ready to scream.  Also, think about how important your job is and why you are there.  For example, in the television news businesss, we are here for you, the viewer.

Channel 4's Nikki Kimbleton also points out advice that her own mom gave her.  Nikki's mom would tell Nikki earlier in her career that if she was having an issue with a coworker, never wear her emotions on her sleeve.  She adviced Nikki to alway be professional but if she needed to vent, Nikki could always call her mom and do so.  Afterall, you can always trust mom.