Jaguars fans showing their frustration

One loyal Jacksonville fan considering selling all her Jaguars gear

In the ultimate sign of frustration, fans wore bags over their head during Thursday's night's name.
In the ultimate sign of frustration, fans wore bags over their head during Thursday's night's name.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – After the Jaguars' prime-time loss on national television, Jacksonville's team has the dubious distinction of being one of only 12 teams in the past 12 years to lose five straight home games.

Thursday night's loss wasn't even close -- giving the visiting Indianapolis Colts an easy 27-10 win.  As a result, fan frustration is building. Even the most loyal fans are troubled.

The last two home games, fans have showed up wearing paper bags over their heads, calling the team the "Baguars." 

"Jags fans have been all in," said Ryan Green, host of sports radio talk show Prime Time on 1010 XL. "They have, they've been all in and, unfortunately, the team hasn't been," said Green.

IMAGES: Jags fans showing their frustration

Jacksonville remains winless at home with a 0-5 record and has the worst record in the NFL this year.

There was so much hype and hope going into the season with a new owner, a new head coach and a new slogan, but none of it has translated into wins.

"These Jaguar fans that have been here for so many years, they're die-hard fans," said Joe Cowart, co-host of Prime Time. "They've been here since day one but they want to put their money into something that they think is going to deliver a winner and right now it's not happening."

Shannon Jackson has been a Jaguars fan since the inaugural year.  But she gathered all her Jaguars gear and is contemplating selling it at a yard sale.

"I have my jacket, my husband's shirt," Jackson said. "If anybody wants to buy it, I'll let it go at a reasonable price."

The fans anger has already translated to embarrassment. The next is apathy and people no longer caring; something head coach Mike Mularkey says he and his team won't let happen.

"They have a blue-collar type of mentality. They want to win for the fans, and so does the staff," Mularkey said. "And we will continue to do that. We will continue to look for their support."