Vandals reportedly smash Christmas decorations in St. Johns County

Lights, decorations, figurines vandalized in county

ST. JOHNS COUNTY, Fla.A neighborhood crime alert in St. Johns County has put a damper on some homeowner's Christmas celebrations.

In these picturesque St. Johns County neighborhoods with Christmas lights and decorations at almost every house, a "grinch" or two has been coming through.

Jill Mckenzie is just one of the victims.

"Our reindeer was knocked over and our Christmas tree," said Mckenzie. "Then our mailbox was taken out and thrown on the side of the yard."

At Mckenzie's house, their Rudolph is put back together after vandals came in and hit them up.

The St. Johns County sheriff's office is looking for the vandals in that case, as well as a few miles away. That's where Rita Bearden's very decorated home had someone come in and rearranged all the characters in her yard.

"It's sad because something's wrong that they have to do something like that," said Bearden. "It was 1:30 in the morning."

What hurts Bearden the most is what they did with their baby Jesus.

"They took baby Jesus and they took him down, and threw him in the gutter up the street," said Bearden. "For me that was just too much."