Crooks caught on camera stealing car

2 men sought after burglary

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A Westside body shop is searching for two crooks caught on camera Friday night.

They broke into Victor's Body Shop off Lenox Avenue.

"Taking his time like he owns the place," owner Victor Guitterez said in describing one burglar in the surveillance video.

One man is seen staring straight into a surveillance camera while in the process of breaking in to steal a car.

"His lookout guy is out here pretending like he's walking back and forth," Guitterez said.

As one man paces the sidewalk, the other jumps the fence, then forces his way into a 1995 Chevy Caprice. The lights of the car flash as he searches for a way to move the car off the lot.

"Jumping back over the gate here," Guitterez said.

Despite all the warning signs, the crooks cut the locks, then push a gate open, disregarding the surveillance cameras.

The car speeds off down Lenox Avenue, the driver only pausing to pick up the lookout along the way.

"That was definitely an eye-opener for our business and unfortunate for the customer that got his car stolen off our business," Guitterez said.

Guitterez is hopeful someone will spot the car and turn in the men who stole it.

Channel 4 crime analyst Ken Jefferson believes it's possible the car has already been scrapped into pieces.

"Because it's so obvious, he would be a fool to drive it around town or even sell it to someone else," Jefferson said.

Even if the car is unrecognizable, Guitterez thinks the face seen on camera will be familiar to someone and is confident the crooks will be caught.