St. Augustine anti-abortion advocates 'March for Life'

Event falls on 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade ruling

ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. – People filled the streets of downtown St. Augustine Saturday for the 2013 annual March for Life event. Marchers said they were their to represent courage, the theme for this year's anti-abortion event.

"It makes an impact on everyone, whether they are pro-life or not knowing that a group of teens, a group of people, hundreds of people, these people are gathering together to stand up for what we know is right," said Angie Schreiner with the Flagler College Catholic Fellowship.

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The event fell on the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the landmark Supreme Court decision that limited state and federal restrictions on abortion. The group said technology, especially ultrasound, has increased dramatically in those 40 years since the controversial ruling. According to the group, the Supreme Court's decision would likely been different if the technology had been similar at the time of the case.

"When you look at the ultrasound and see that baby from the very beginning of conception, what can you do? You can't kill. You know it's against God's law," said Sally Horner.

The march ended at the Plaza downtown, where ministers from around the region and country fired up the crowd to push forward, especially men.

"It was a challenge to me as a man to think about more how I can... protect my sisters and friends that I have around me as a man and just stand up for virtue," said Russ Polhemus.

Organizers said people came from all over Florida and Georgia last year, and this year was no different. However, not everyone was pro-life. Some groups came out to share their different perspectives.

One pro-choice group greeted marchers at the plaza.

"We're just here to maybe put that spark in someone's mind that there is another side of one story, that women do have rights and women do have the right to choose," said Andrea McNeil.

Despite the opposing voice, many who attended this march say they left encouraged about their pro-life stance.

"It's an inspiration to me about what I can do more to protect women and children and what I can do more for the pro life movement," said Polhemus.

"It's very encouraging to know that we are young and we can still make an impact, and I just want to go out and spread love," said Schreiner.

The group said its ultimate goal is for the nation's abortion laws to change.