Renewed sense of safety at Jacksonville gun show

Accidental shootings at gun shows in Indianopolis, North Carolina, Ohio

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Safety is top priority at Jacksonville's Gun Show this weekend following five accidental shootings Saturday at gun shows in other parts of the country.

All five of the shootings occurred as gun owners were unloading their guns or removing their weapons before entering the shows.

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"It doesn't shock me, but it's inevitable, it's a like a driver who drives 190,000 miles a year: you're going to get a flat tire," said gun show organizer Skip Gwinn.  "You have people at shows like this who have handled guns all their lives. It shouldn't happen but it does."

Saturday's accidental shootings injuring five people occurred at gun shows Indianapolis, North Carolina and Ohio. Organizers in Jacksonville say wherever there are guns, unfortunately, there are also accidents.

"There is a renewed sense of safety here," said Gwinn. "Jacksonville Sheriff's Office) officers are examining the guns being brought into the show closely. They are asking gun enthusiasts if their weapons are loaded and are they carrying ammunition."

Gwinn said the weapons are tied so they can't be fired when they are brought into the show.  A team of plain-clothes employee are also circling the Jacksonville Fairgrounds to make sure the weapons are not loaded. 

"There's going to be accidents, no matter what happens." said gun owner Bob Gundel. "There are experienced people who have held guns all their lives. It's one of those things you can't avoid."

Organizers say President Barack Obama's proposed changes to existing gun laws has attracted people to the show who have never owned a gun, and with the inexperience comes mistakes.

"We have signs out front that say, 'If you have a gun, or even a concealed weapons permit, there are no loaded guns allowed inside the show.' And still some people bring them in. You'll see police officers there at the front, emptying rounds," said Gwinn.

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