Couture bridal gowns without the couture price

Local stylist suggests Michael's Formalwear and local designers

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Brides loved the inexpensive gowns with the couture touches at last month's ultimate bridal fantasy show.  So the organizers of that event are back to break down how to get a "couture" bridal look without that couture price tag.

Beth Sullivan, Jacksonville's Fashion and Bridal Stylist, says it starts with the gown.

"That is actually looking for a gown for a very reasonable price," Sullivan says.

She says a great way to do that is by checking out Michaels Formalwear at the St. Johns Town Center in Jacksonville.

"The average dress for here in Jacksonville is actually $2,300 dollars," Sullivan says. "And that's expensive. Now a lot of girls can actually find dresses less or more kind of in between."

Sullivan says the dresses by Michaels Formalwear range from about $500 to $1100 dollars.

Couture actually means handmade, and in order to add a couture touch Sullivan suggest local designers, like Beatrice Couture, who makes handmade accessories.

Sullivan says, "It's really about how you glam up that dress."

She suggests handmade belts, bracelets, hair pieces, purses and shoes.

To find out more about Beth Sullivan and couture styling at her website, seibellaimageconsulting.com.

The Couture bridal look was provided by Michaels formalwear, Crystal addiction shoes, Beatrice couture, and Lia Sophia jewelry. Hair and makeup by Nicole Wiley from makeup by Paulina Perez.     

We also want to thank the model, Erika Lavender.