Irish Pubs say St. Patricks day is their "Black Friday"

The luck of the Irish shines down on local businesses


JACKSONVILLE – Irish Pub and restaurants have been preparing for St. Patrick's day since last year. It is undoubtedly the big money maker.

"We consider it our Black Friday, everyone comes out on St. Patrick's day" said O'Brothers Irish pub and restaurant owner Kurt Cavins.

Cavins says his pub is expecting a weeks worth of revenue, all in one day. They've been prepping food for nearly a week including 20 cases of corn beef. Several  hundred pounds of bangers, and 400 pounds of potatoes.

"The demand is hectic, last year we served 10,000 people so it's pretty crazy, you have to accommodate the people and keep it rolling" said Chef Rodney Geiger.

And keeping it rolling is what they plan to do until 2'oclock in the morning, which means the alcohol served today, simply can't run out.

"Where we usually by six bottles we buy four cases, now we're buying four cases, kegs of beer, 60 kegs of beer, and out in the street it much more" said Cavin.

O'brothers is also serving traditional Irish meals like Shepherds pie and fish and chips. Margaret Street is shut down for a block party.  Owners say the revenues today are ones they won't see for another year.

"We have a countdown clock on the wall, so we watch how many days are left, tomorrow it wills ay 365 and we'll be worn out" said Cavin.

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