Oklahoma thief steals gallon of communion wine

Police say only food and wine missing

EDMOND, Okla. – Police believe a man broke into the Lighthouse Lutheran Church in Edmond Oklahoma to get out of the harsh winter weather, and maybe have a couple of drinks.

Police say the thief entered through an unlocked door and began going through the kitchen. 

The pastor of the church reports when he returned to the church at 5:30 a.m he noticed lights were on, doors were open, and the refridgerator had been raided.

Police and church employees took an inventory and noticed the only things missing in the kitchen were some food, some coins, and a whole gallon of their communal wine.

This burglary was the first of it's kind for Edmond police. They believe the person was homeless, hungry and looking for a place to spend the cold winter night.

Jenny Monroe from the Edmond Police Department believes stealing the wine was an afterthought. 

"It's most likely just a homeless person or somebody that was just trying to go through, obviously they're hungry. They went for the fridge then took wine on the way out," said Monroe.

The church says next time, people can just ask for food. They are always happy to give. 

The church will continue to inventory the entire property to see if any additional items are missing.