United States still paying out pensions from Civil War

Two children of veterans still receiving benefits

The U.S. Civil War officially ended 148 years ago this spring, but the government is still paying the bill.

Two children of Civil War veterans are still receiving yearly benefits because of their fathers' service.

Years after the war ended, it was common for very young women to marry very old veterans to receive a widow's pension after their husbands' deaths.

The reason the children continued to receive the benefits is probably because they are legally disabled and unable to support themselves financially. 

The survivor's names have not been released, but we do know about how old they are and where they live.

One beneficiary lives in Tennessee and was born around 1920. The other was born in North Carolina around 1930.

Each beneficiary receives a check for $876 per year.

The total cost of compensating veterans and survivors of all the American wars is around $40 billion a year.