An internation twist on an American favorite

Hot dog toppings from around the world

An international twist to the American hot dog
An international twist to the American hot dog

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Linda Weeks is putting an international twist on an American favorite, the Hot Dog!

Weeks says her parents encouraged her to travel to different countries and embrace different cultures. Her dad served in Korea and was there when the Armistice was signed. That's her inspiration for her hot dog creations.

First in honor of the 60th anniversary of the signing of the Armistice, a Korean inspired hot tog. A Korean cooking staple is Kimchi, a pickled cabbage dish with asain spices like ginger and peppers. Weeks says you can get it at a local grocery store.

"I would suggest if you're going to put this on your hot dog that you chop it up a little bit, but you want every one of the condiments that you put on your hotdog to be a little chunky," Weeks says.

The next hot dog is Mexican inspired using chunky salsa with melted cheese.

Next to Germany with Red Cabbage, a variation of Sauerkraut. While it looks like saurkraut Weeks says the taste is much different.

"Not as pungent not as much vinegar its a little sweeter. So if you want to add a spicy mustard, German mustard to that it would make a great addition to your hot dog."

Weeks says you can't forget about America, so in honor of the child hood favorite beenie weenies, she says baked beans make a great hot dog topping.

"My suggestion is a Cowboy Hotdog," Weeks says. "And instead of using the baked beans as a side dish, go ahead and add them as a topping to your hot dog."