Neighbors recall moments during Thursday's storm

Jacksonville residents share, describe experiences


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – There was panic for some residents in Jacksonville as a weather cell ripped through neighborhoods Thursday evening in the Arlington and Ft. Caroline areas.

Angela Red told Channel 4 that she crouched in her car as the wind swept through Arlington.

IMAGES: Damage, flooding from Thursday's storm

The storm ruined Red's patio and she said she's thankful that's all she received from Mother Nature on Thursday night.


"It lasted around a minute; Probably one of the most terrifying experiences of my life," said Red. "I got down on the floor board of the car and just looking out, I saw pieces of houses and fencing flying over the top of my car."

"I realized I better go in the house and I saw the spinning. I could hardly get in the door, and dirt and leaves stuck to my body," said Pam Karnbach. "I watched a tree in the front yard go sideways. The flag pole in my driveway was across the street."

Listening to the tales out of their neighborhood were described as like hearing scenes from a movie.


"Before I even got across my living room, it was like boom," said Amanda Harris. "Before I knew, we went up stairs and there was a tree in my bedroom."

Some neighbors told Channel 4 they hid in bathrooms, others in garages during the tornado that hit the area. People described seeing dark clouds and hearing whipping winds, then they knew this wasn't the average Florida storm.

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"I'm just happy to be alive, all this can be replaced," said Harris. "I got my babies and stayed safe. We were in the bathroom for like an hour. Quite scary."

The Red Cross provided relief to victims of the storm Thursday night. Residents who are still in need are being asked to call the Red Cross offices at 904-358-8091.

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